Emily “Emmy” Cuevo, Creative Director
Emily is a second year from Suffield, CT majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in materials science. She has been dancing since the age of three and is trained in different styles of dance that include ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and hip hop. Revolve is the first ever hip hop crew that she has been a part of, and she is so excited to lead the crew this  upcoming year!




Joy “Rhymez” Shen, Administrative Director
Joy is currently a senior studying Marketing and Supply Chain. She is from San Diego, California and has been dancing for 10 years. Joy joined Revolve in Fall 2014 and is grateful to be a part of the family. When she is not dancing, you can find Joy eating lots of food (especially ice cream), baking, and avoiding the cold weather as much as possible.




Oliver “Prince Charming” Zheng, Treasurer
Oliver is currently a third year student studying Computer Science at Northeastern University. He started dancing because of peer pressure in his senior year of high school, but has quickly come to love it and it has become one of his favorite activities. Oliver’s end goal in life is to have a house with as many dogs as possible.




Amanda “Rosebud” McInnis, Public Relations
Amanda is a Sophomore from Melrose, MA majoring in Physical Therapy. She is looking forward to breaking out of her comfort zone and improving her knowledge in a new genre of dance.





Jonathan “Super Saiyan” Villanueva, Media Coordinator
Jonathan has a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He has been dancing Hip-Hop since 2008, but been dancing since he was able to walk. Dance to Jonathan is a form of self expression and is the best medium for communicating his emotions and feelings. He also enjoys photography, video/music production, and video gaming.



Justin “Pocky-Talky” Espaillat
Justin loves to dance. His mom used to tell him that he has a “boombox for a heart.” Growing up watching the Step Up movies and “So You Think You Can Dance,” Justin would always try to imitate the moves. When there is music, he is moving with it. If there was music playing in the grocery store, he will be moonwalking down the aisles, giving all the shoppers a free show. He has always been into freestyle and hip-hop. Revolve is his first crew ever, so he is excited to be apart of a team and learn new styles.


Becca “Blades” Montante
Becca is a second year student and has loved her first year with Revolve! Previously, she was a competitive dancer for eight years and did tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary. Becca was on her school dance team for two years. Two fun facts about her are that she is unhealthily obsessed with music and her nickname is Blades! Dance has always been one of the most important things and she has learned a lot as a dancer. She loves being part of the wild/wildly talented/funny/loving family that Revolve is.



Chihiro “Pixel” Ichikawa
Chihiro is a 3rd year from Belmont, MA, studying Media Arts with a concentration in Animation. She can’t wait to grow as a dancer and be a part of the Revolve fam.





Michelle “Beast Mode” Ng
Michelle is a third year from Brighton, MA, studying physical therapy. She can’t wait to explore new dance styles and step outside of her comfort zone.





Aimee “Chardonnay” Sun
Aimee is a freshman from Denver, CO, studying Behavioral Neuroscience. She can’t wait to make memories with her new Revolve family!





Emily “Em-OG” Kam
Emily is a freshman from Nashville, Tennessee studying Health Sciences pre-physician assistant. She is looking forward to a lot with her time in Revolve, especially the mentor program, learning new dance styles and performing them on the big stage with Revolve.





Mahema “Melody” Singh
Mahema is a freshman from Plymouth, MA studying Computer Science and Business. This semester, she looks forward to getting better at choreography.





Sindhu “Seafoam” Gowda
Sindhu is a first year from Franklin, New Jersey, studying Finance. She can’t wait to grow both as a dancer and as a person, and make new memories along the way.





Ubumi “Phoenix” Imahira
Ubumi is a Sophomore from Japan majoring in communication studies and minoring in psychology. She is looking forward to discovering different styles of dance and enjoying dancing with a team she loves.





Jacq “Twizzler” Shang
Jacq is a freshman from Los Angeles, studying Pharmacy. She can’t wait to become a more diverse dancer and have a new dance family!





Sam “Starburst” Carleton








Tess McCallum







Jessie Tabor







Julio Valencia







Chris Chao







Riley Flores







Vanessa Wu







Brian Huntley








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